Forget the designer furniture with the thousand-dollar price tag.

You can make this ultra-cool coffee table for next to nothing.

Materials Required

2 x pieces of plywood 60 x 60cm
4 x castors
Wood screws
Old books/magazines
Long bolts
PVC glue
Wood stain/paint

Tools Required

  • Power drill
  • Paint brush


  1. Start by staining your plywood.
  2. Then fix your castors to the bottom, one in each corner, using your wood screws.
  3. Place the top piece of plywood on the bottom piece and calculate where your four drilling holes will need to be. In order to calculate this you will need to assess how far in from the edge of the table your row of books will go when in place. Keep in mind that the books only go around the outside of the table, not all the way through.
  4. Once you have made this calculation mark the four points where your long bolts will go. Then drill these holes through both the top and the bottom.
  5. Now take the top of the table off and begin placing your books/magazines in place. When you have gone around the entire table and created an even outer base on which to place the top, put the top of the table on. When you are satisfied that the top is level, place your four bolts through the top of the table and down through the holes in the bottom. Secure and tighten these in place with bolts underneath the table.
  6. Your table is now complete.

All the projects featured require care when carrying out. We recommend that you observe manufacturer’s operating instructions and take all necessary safety precautions. Always exercise care and common sense when attempting tasks such as these.