They’re chic. They’re urban. They’re easy to make. And they provide fantastic storage for the home or office.

Materials Required

Cardboard tubes
Felt or fabric to cover

Tools Required

  • Paint brush
  • Circular saw


  1.  Measure up the space on your desk where you wish to put your storage tubes. Cut tubes to size.
  2. Paint the inside of tubes.
  3. Trim felt or fabric to wrap around the tubes, leaving a small overlap.
  4. Glue fabric to tube and leave to dry.
  5. Arrange tubes as you would like them and then glue 1st and 2nd rows together. Allow to dry before gluing on the top row. Leave to dry.
  6. Fill with stationery.

All the projects featured require care when carrying out. We recommend that you observe manufacturer’s operating instructions and take all necessary safety precautions. Always exercise care and common sense when attempting tasks such as these.