Hanging your picture frame or mirror is pretty simple if you know what traps to look out for.

But it’s 'not too hard' with the right advice. To start, you’ll need a spirit level, a pencil, tape measure, stud finder, Phillips head screwdriver, a cordless drill, anchors and matching screws.

Materials Required

Matching screws

Tools Required

  • Spirit level
  • A pencil
  • Tape Measure
  • Stud Finder
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Cordless Drill

Determine where it is you’d like to position your picture frame or mirror and mark the top of the frame on the wall with a pencil. Then, locate the stud on the wall using your stud finder and mark the spot accordingly.

Next, use a tape measure to pull the wire on the back of the frame upwards as far as it goes. This indicates the position of the wire when it is hanging on the wall therefore indicating where the screw should go on the wall. Record the measurement between the wire and top of the frame

If there is no wire on your picture frame, use this method to measure the section of the frame that will be hanging on the screw 

Now measure the distance you’ve just recorded, down from the where you left a pencil mark for the top of the frame. This will mark the spot of where the screw will need to go.

For optimum performance, secure mirrors and picture frames using an anchor. Anchors allow you to screw directly into the plasterboard, no stud required!

The weight load limit depends on the type purchased so ensure you know the weight of the object being hung and always refer to the product packaging for comprehensive details.

While there are many types of anchors, in some, the rotation of the screw being inserted will expand the tip and grip the inside of the wall. Others do not expand, but instead create a grip within the plasterboard.

The one we’re using does not need pre-drilling and the type of screw required depends on the anchor used. Some packs come with both anchor and screws included.

Now it’s time to drill in the anchor with your screwdriver. Press anchor tip onto the plaster, apply pressure and turn until flush.

Next is driving in the screw into the anchor using a screwdriver. Ensure to leave a gap allowing an area for the wire or frame to hang.

Don’t forget to erase any pencil markings on the wall and remember to always measure twice!

Hook the wire or frame onto your screw, check that it is level – and you are done!