Whether you’re renting or own your home, accidents can happen… So here’s how to repair an unsightly hole in the wall in just 3 steps.

Materials Required

Patching compound
Plasterboard repair patch
Matching paint

Tools Required

  • Broad knife
  • Drywall or Jabsaw
  • Sandpaper
  • Cloth

Step 1: Prepare

Remove any plaster which is loose or dislodged or flaky then sand around the edges of the hole. This will prepare the surface allowing the plasterboard repair patch and patching compound to stick to the wall surface. Use the cloth then wipe the surface removing any fine particles created when sanding.

Save the loose or dislodged plaster to take to your local Thrifty-Link Hardware store to match the paint to the colour of the wall.

Step 2: Repair

Cover the hole by using the plasterboard repair patch by removing the backing and applying to the plasterboard surface. This creates a bridge allowing the patching compound to be applied. The patch come in different sizes.

Using the broad knife, begin to apply the patching compound over the fibreglass mesh beginning with the edges (and including the edges) work your way around until completely covered.

You should also push some of the patching compound through the holes in the fibreglass mesh for a better finish.

Remember to smooth the patching compound as you go. The smoother it is applied, the less sanding required!

Once the patching compound has dried – you’ll know by touching the applied area, approximately 30 minutes - sand down the surface until it is smooth and appears flat on the wall.

If you’re not happy with the initial layer of patching compound or have perhaps over-sanded the area, apply more patching compound and sand again once dry, in preparation for painting.

While paint will mask the patching compound applied, the final finish will only be as good as the prep work. It is recommended you allow 1 day before painting.

Once you’ve matched the paint colour and purchased the right amount of paint, be sure to clean the wall using a damp cloth cleaning the surrounding area.

Step 3: Paint

When the repair dry, all you need to do next is prime and paint your wall… There are different finishes achievable with a patching compound to match the wall area being repaired.

So make sure to ask your local Thrifty-Link Hardware store for all the right products you need for this or any other repair or maintenance project.