Who says there’s no romance in plumbing?

Made from old plumbing parts, this original candelabra creates both atmosphere and light.

Materials Required

4 x 20mm PVC couplings
2 x 20mm 90° elbows
4 x 25mm regular tees
1 x threaded tee
1 x 25mm PVC pressure pipe – cut to size
1 x male adapter fitting
1 x spigot/internal spigot pipe extender
6 x candles

Tools Required

  • Circular saw


  1. Cut your PVC pressure pipe to size. This will determine the height of your candelabra. Place the male adaptor fitting on one end and the internal spigot pipe extender on the other.
  2. Attach the threaded tee.
  3. Cut 4 small pieces of PVC pipe to act as joins for your 25mm tees that form the top of the candelabra.
  4. Using the connecting pieces of PVC that you have previously cut, join the four 25mm regular tees across the top (two on each side).
  5. Place a 20mm 90° elbow onto each end.
  6. Your candelabra is now complete.

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and take all necessary safety precautions. Always exercise care and common sense when attempting tasks such as these.