It’s not too hard to get rid of those pesky weeds with the right weed-kill product.

Choosing a weedkiller may seem confusing, but Identifying the area where you will be applying a weedkiller will help determine which product is best to use.

But before we get into that, safety first!

As weedkillers may irritate the eyes and skin, it is recommended you wear rubber gloves, goggles and a face mask but the type of ‘personal protective equipment’ worn does depend on the weedkiller used as well as wind conditions, so always check the label and weather before use.

So back to identifying the area… Are weeds present in your lawn, pathways or garden?

Generally speaking, there are 2 types of weed killers; ‘selective’ which are commonly used on lawns, and ‘non-selective’ used in gardens, path and driveways.

Now a Glyphosate is the most popular non-selective weedkiller but it will kill anything it comes into contact with including your flowers and any other desirable plants.

It is absorbed through the leaf so it’s recommended you take extra care around the plants you wish to keep alive.

For example, a windy day can blow the weedkiller onto desirable plants, so you may wish to cover them to avoid contact, or simply wait for better weather conditions.

A selective weedkiller, as its name suggests, only targets specific weeds as labelled on the product.

A common type of selective weedkiller is a broadleaf weedkiller used on lawns as this will ensure that only the select weeds such as bindii and clover are targeted and the grass remains. However, many lawn weed killers contain what’s called ‘Dicamba’ which will damage Buffalo lawns, so in this instance, always use a product labelled safe for use on Buffalo grass.

There are certainly ‘natural’ weedkiller options as well as preventative measures you can take and If in doubt, take a photo of the area and the weed itself and just drop-in to your local Thrifty-Link Hardware for the right products and expert advice.

And a reminder, be sure to ALWAYS use these products as intended and directed on the label.