Choosing the right indoor paint relies on understanding to which room or wall it is being applied, to give you the best and most suitable finish.

The best paint for areas that are prone to moisture is one that has a shinier finish, either semi gloss, satin or gloss. Due to the shinier finish, moisture sits on the surface of the paint, not in it. This makes the surface easier to clean.  For ceilings in a moisture prone area, a low sheen works best.

For normal walls, a low sheen gives a great finish, a nice lustre that is very inviting and warm.

Ceilings traditionally have a flat finish and a flat finish on the walls will give a subtle feel and the look to the room and is not affected by reflections from lights or windows.  This helps to hide imperfections in the painted surface. Flat finishes in poor quality paint products do not clean as well as a shinier paint like low sheen.

Undercoats are necessary on newly paint surfaces or areas where they have been rubbed back to a bare surface. Undercoats have binding and sealing agents specifically to help prepare the surface for the top coat.  Using the appropriate undercoat will ensure a more even appearance and better finish for your project.

The main differences between interior and exterior paint, are  the special additives in outdoor paints to give it greater  flexibility for changes in weather and protecting against harmful UV rays, whereas indoor paint is more durable easier to clean.

Rest assured, your locally owned Thrifty-Link Hardware store can provide the right product and expert advice on your next painting project, so pop in today!