Rainwater Tanks

Rainwater tanks are a perfect way to save water while minimizing stormwater run-off and reducing your main pressure water bill. A wide range of tanks are available in various sizes and colour options. Check your local Thrifty-Link store for advice on which tank would suit your needs. (Not available in all stores. Brands, sizes and availability may vary from store to store.)


Rainwater Diverters are a great way to save water throughout the home. Simply fit a Rainwater Diverter to your stormwater downpipe and re-direct rainwater to your Garden, Pool or Rainwater Tank. Contact your local Thrifty-Link store for a complete Rainwater Diverter Solution and start saving water around your home.


A complete range of Pumps and Pump Accessories for the Garden and House are available from your Thrifty-Link Store. Very handy when pumping water from your Rainwater Tank to water the garden, wash the car or run appliances around the home. See in store for advice on which pump would best suit your needs.

We recommend that all Pumps, Tanks, Rainwater Diverters and associated fittings are installed by a licensed plumber.

*Not all stores stock all products. Please check with your local Thrifty-Link Hardware store for individual product requirements. Click here to go to the store locator.