Garden Care Water Saving Range available from Thrifty-Link Hardware

There is a number of different garden care water saving/water conservation products available. Below is a description of these products and their uses.

Soil Wetters – Granular and Liquid

  • Soil wetting agents are designed to overcome water repellence in soils to allow better water penetration.
  • The main function of soil wetters is to make the water soak into the soil rather than running off the surface. This is achieved by breaking the surface tension and allowing water to move freely into the soil.
  • Soil wetters can be applied as granular or liquid wetting agents.
  • The granular formula can be spread everywhere making it easier to treat large areas quickly. Eg: Debco Saturaid or Yates Waterwise

Granular Soil Wetter

  • Granular soil wetters can also be mixed with potting mix, however, many premium potting mixes already contain wetting agents.
  • The liquid soil wetters can be applied with a watering can or via a ready to use hose on spray. Ideally used on water repellent garden beds and in potted soils. Eg: Richgrow Ezi Wet or Garden King Wettasoil.

Water Saving Crystals

  • Water saving crystals provide a reserve of moisture around plant roots that can be used during dry periods.
  • Crystals help prevent the plant form drying out as moisture is stored and available when the plant needs it.
  • Crystals expand to resemble small pieces of jelly when water is added they absorb up to 400 times their weight in water and re-expand with each watering.
  • They last for five years and are biodegradable.
  • Water crystals will not replace the need to water but do provide an extra reserve of moisture and increase the length of time between waterings.
  • Crystals are easy to use. When potting new plants, mix through one teaspoon of dried crystals with five litres of potting mix (half a bucket). Pot the plant and then water.
  • For plants that are already potted or in the ground, put pencil holes in the soil and place a small amount down a straw to the bottom of the hole. Cover the hole and water Eg: Rainsaver Water Crystals

Fertilisers with Wetting Agents

  • Fertilisers with wetting agents improve the penetration of water so that it can reach deep down to the roots of the plants without leaving dry spots whilst providing essential nutrients.
  • The wetting agent also balances water and air in the soil to maximise the plants´ access to both water and oxygen.
    Eg: Osmocote Fertiliser Range 700g, Brunnings Complete Garden Food 2kg or Earthcore Complete Garden Food 2.5kg.


  • Mulch is usually composed of coarse particles of organic material like woodchips, leaves hay or compost.
  • It is added straight onto the soil surface in a layer approximately seven centimetres thick.
  • Mulch prevents evaporation by up to 70% by shielding the soil from sun and reducing water run off.
  • It will stop most weeds from growing and it is easier to remove those weeds that do grow it will also reduce the time spent watering.
  • It is recommended that mulch is topped up every season, as most mulches break down quickly to become part of the soil.
  • Mulch blocks are compressed coir blocks that expand to 60L once water is added. The coir also adds as a snail barrier.
  • Mulch is available in the traditional form in 25-30L bags, eg: Earthcore Water Saving Mulch 30L, or coir blocks, eg Easy Wetta Mulch Block 60L.

* Not all stores stock all products. Please check with your local Thrifty-Link Hardware store for individual product requirements.