Forget the cellar, keep your wine on hand and looking its best with this innovative wine rack.

Materials Required

2 x 40mm wood screws
1 x 750mm length of wooden dowel, 30mm diam.
2 x pieces of plywood 16mm, 330mm x 300mm
Paint (sample pots)
Pair of rod sockets
6 x wire coat hangers

Tools Required

  • Paint brushes
  • Pliers
  • Power drill
  • Hacksaw
  • Ruler, pencil


  1. Using a pair of pliers bend your coat hangers into shape (see illustration).
  2. Mark a place in the top centre of your plywood for mounting the closet rod sockets.
  3. Drill wood screws from the outside of the plywood, through the sockets and into the rod. Drilling guide holes first will make this easier.
  4. Notch the rod with the hacksaw to keep the hangers in place. The two notches for the same hanger should be 2.5cm apart.
  5. Each set of notches should be approx 7.5cm apart. A 90cm rod will accommodate 8 sets of notches.
  6. Fit the hangers onto the notches on the rod.
  7. Select a location that does not receive direct sunlight and fill your rack with some of your favourite wines.
Make a Wine Rack from Coat Hangers

Fig. 1 - How to make a wine rack with coat hangers.

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